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A Small Healthy Congregation

We are a small church with a healthy Self-Esteem.

unity in silver springTen O'Clock Start (10:00AM)

Our service starts with a coffee and donut fellowship. During this time (10 minutes), we share testimonies, answer questions, and offer insights for spiritual practice.

unity in silver springSilent Meditation

Paulette Ward leads the silent meditation with a contemplation which tapers off into a period of silence. At this point, there’s no music. The purpose is to listen to the “still small voice” of God Consciousness.

unity in silver springMusic

Helen Hayes award winner, William Knowles, is our staff pianist most weeks. There are times when he’s away and our minister fills in.

Often we have a professional guest vocalist or musician.

unity in silver springThe Sermon

The sermons at Unity in Silver Spring are non-dual celebrations of God’s Allness. They are passionately delivered by our minister.

unity in silver springThe Fellowship Table

It’s a potluck affair. Our congregation members are great cooks and often bless the fellowship table with their culinary skills. However, it is hit or miss. Some days it’s a banquet, and other days it’sparse.