Below Are Highlight Points From Sermon June 4, 2017

Title: Prosperity In Your Home

  • God's will is health, happiness, peace, love and abundance for every home. This means your home.
  • Because God is the only Presence, and is present in and as your home, prosperity must be God's will for your home that God may glorify It's Presence right there where your home is.
  • To see God's prosperity in your home, you must first be convinced that God's will for your home is Prosperity. This conviction is rooted in God's Omnipresence. Do you believe that God is Omnipresent? Then, accept nothing less than Prosperity for your home.
  • Every time you open the door to enter your home, pause a moment and remind yourself "God's will for this home is that it be a prosperous home."
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  • Acknowledge God's Presence to be the Substance of your home. Acknowledging God's Presence in this way does not create prosperity in your home, but exposes the prosperity that is already there. Acknowledging God's Presence has a way of opening your eyes to see God's Presence.